Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LOTS of Sight Word FUN!!!

Wow! What a fun day yesterday! The students had a BLAST learning the sight word “your”. Being that this is for an after school program, I want to make it as engaging as possible for the kiddos. They are pooped after a long day in school (as most of us are too). Let’s just say, they were engaged! We practiced the word “your” in soooo many hands-on and exciting ways. Check out the pictures below!

I wrote the letters Y-O-U-R on the back of Dixie cups that I found on sale at Wal-Mart (pack of 100 for $2). The students worked in pairs to mix and fix the letters in the word. They LOVED being able to manipulate the materials. I think they were getting a little bored with the whiteboards. So, this was a hit!

The students also enjoyed removing letters from "your" and having their partners guess the missing letter.

We had a lot of fun using play-doh to make our sight word!

I picked up a pack of 80 pom pom's from the Dollar Tree! We used them to make "your". The students really loved this one!

This was the winning activity by far! The students used color changing markers to trace and re-trace "your". (I even found myself over at this station writing with the markers!) I got them at Wal-Mart on CLEARANCE for $2 for 6 markers! Such a STEAL!

We practiced writing our sight word on paint swatches. Can't beat this free activity!

I picked up a couple of these magnetic doodle pads from the Dollar Tree. (If you cannot tell already, I am a bargain shopper!) The students liked having a different word writing experience besides whiteboards.

Pipe cleaners!!! They really had a lot of fun making "your" with these! The students came up with creative ways to make the letters. Some students used multiple pipe cleaners to create each letter, while other students were able to bend one pipe cleaner into each letter. It was cool to see their different approaches!

After all of this (yes, a lot I know!), we worked together to make the word "your" with our bodies! I was stuck as the bottom of the "y". So, yes, I had two sets of feet in my face! Haha! It was fun though! I wish I had a picture for this one (bummer). Well, even though these activities were a lot of set up initially, the students loved them and that made it all worth it! They are requesting we do this for every new sight word! I was glad to hear it! ;-)

Thank you for stopping by! I have to get my day started! It is already noon! Yikes! How easily we get sucked into the internet! Check back later this week for my sight word product that will be ready and on TpT soon!



  1. Even though I teach math, I am always looking for ways to help my granddaughters. We should have fun with this idea. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! My students absolutely LOVED the color changing markers, especially! Your granddaughters would really enjoy that activity! ;-)


  3. How on earth do you not have your own class?! I came to comment that I wanted to be IN your class!! Congrats on completing your studies... you will, obviously, make an incredible teacher!!

    Your newest follower! (Found your post on TpT)
    Tiny Toes

  4. Thank you so much JoAn! You are so kind! I really appreciate your kind comment! I am crossing my fingers and hoping something opens up soon! The market for teachers in RI is so tough! I am staying optimistic and trying to be as involved as possible. Guess I have to just keep plugging along and hopefully something will come up. Wish me luck! ;-)

  5. Lots of great ideas! I love using the magna doodles for lots of things too and cut overheads to use as tracing templates to keep typical worksheets out of my room ;)

  6. Hi Leslie! Thank you! Yes, I agree with you about keeping typical worksheets out of the classroom (when possible). I find that the students really enjoy the hands-on experiences. They keep asking me what I am going to teach them next! ;-) Thank you for stopping by my blog!


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