Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Storm Nemo, New TpT Product, & Valentine's Day SALE!!!

MY POWER IS BACK ON!!! I have been trapped in the house for two days with no electricity! Can you say blogging withdrawals!?! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate electricity now! Winter storm Nemo really wasn’t kidding. At first I was thinking it can’t be that bad, but once that snow started coming down I knew Rhode Island was not going to forget this one! We got 20” of snow! Yes, 20 inches! Not to mention the snow drifts that are about 3 feet high! Thank goodness my boyfriend was willing to do the shoveling because while I offered to help, both of us knew I would be more in the way than any help! So, I helped myself to some hot coca and took some pictures of all the snow! Here are some of the pictures!

The cars are not getting out for a while!!!

I must say the snow does look pretty! (All 20" of it!)

Backyard BBQ anyone?!

Check out the mounds of snow! Unbelievable!

Well, while I was stuck without electricity, I decided to catch up on some of the reading I told myself I would get to. I spent a lot of time reading some great Lucy Calkins books and a Richard Allington book I bought a few months back. I was able to get some great reading ideas and just have some peace and quiet......then ZING, the power! Books went away and I got back to my latest TpT resource! (I can’t help it, I am addicted!) So, after lots of hours playing catch up on all the time I couldn’t work on my product this weekend, my "Pirate Math Games & Center Fun" product is D-O-N-E! This new product is aligned with the COMMON CORE and is stacked with fun activities! I swear you will want to play these games too! So, here it is! Check it out below!

Also, some more GREAT news! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I want to be sure everyone is all stocked up for their little kiddos. Therefore, both of my Valentine’s Day products will be 15% off today through Thursday! Be sure to check those products out along with my Valentine’s Day Addition & Subtraction FREEBIE! Happy shopping!!!



  1. I'm your newest follower! I love to LOOK at your snow pictures!
    Your New FLORIDA Follower,
    Fern :)

  2. Hi Fern! Thanks for stopping by and adding me to the pinterest board, as well! I am so jealous of the warm, sunny weather in Florida! Believe me, if you lived here you would be so over the snow! Haha! I will agree it can be pretty to look at. ;-)


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