Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bargain Shopping & Valentine's Day FREEBIE!!!

Hi bloggers! I have a few things to share with you tonight! First of all, I am SOOO excited about my newest bargains. As you know, I have started my new after school job and I just love it! I have been working with my students on sight word recognition in isolation and in context. Well, I figured that since this is an after school program and these students are already tired, I have to make this program as fun and engaging as possible. So, I went out to the Dollar Tree and did some digging around. I ended up finding these party platter dishes that I am using to represent the water. You are probably wondering why I didn’t just use a piece of blue construction paper; I didn’t use that because this platter is a great way to hold the fish and the cards. The center, normally used for a dipping sauce, comfortably holds the playing cards. As for the fish, I got those for .50 cents at Michael's. Yes, 36 Dr. Seuss fish for only .50 cents! Even though they are a little big for the party platter, they still work! And lastly, the fishing poles are just wooden dowels I had my dad cut up and sand the ends for me. I hot glued magnets to the fish and the ends of the poles and viola, new sight word game! All in all, the total cost $4! I can’t wait to try this game out with my students!

Also, on my Dollar Tree bargain hunt, I found these HUGE fly swatters! Yes, they are large! I probably should have placed an object next to them so you could see exactly how big they are. Roughly, the net portion is just about the size of a piece of paper. Now, these fly swatters will surely be a hit with my students. I will use them for the swatting sight word game I have planned for the next coming weeks. I can’t wait for the students to see these! I am not sure though, I might actually be more excited about the swatters than my students will be. I will definitely post some pictures when we play!

Now, lastly, I am so excited to announce that I have created a brand new FREEBIE! This freebie is the Valentine’s Day version of my “Addition & Subtraction at the North Pole” product. In the “Valentine’s Day Addition & Subtraction” packet, your students will use addition and subtraction to solve word problems, figure out the secret message on the valentine, help Zoey deliver her valentines, color a valentine penguin by number, and finally, play the box of chocolate addition game! I am really hoping you check it out! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!! Also, as always, your feedback is appreciated! ;-) Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

YAY! My 1st GIVEAWAY!!! ;-)

Yay! It's my first giveaway! I am really excited for this and I hope you are too! Being that I have been blogging for a few months now and have a few items up on TpT, I figured why not?!? This will be my chance to meet a few new blogging friends and find out about some great blogs out there too! So, here we go! All you have to do is be one of the first 3 people to follow my TpT store and leave a comment on this post with the item you want! (Don’t forget your email too!) I am offering 3 items, and you can choose the one you want! The 3 choices are right below! ;-) Click the pictures to find out more info on each one!

This is my newest product! It is perfect for the big SUPERBOWL game coming up! In this telling time game, students race to the end zone and try to rack up the points! This COMMON CORE aligned game is perfect for your students!

This COMMON CORE aligned product is great for your little kindergarteners! In this Valentine’s Day game, your students have to be the first to fill up their wheelbarrows with ten valentines. But, oh no, watch out for the cat who will snatch your valentines right up! Also, this product includes a worksheet and color by number activity too!

This product is one of my best sellers! Cookie Ten Frames! This COMMON CORE aligned product includes 3 worksheets that are perfect for helping your students practice and visualize the facts of 10. Also, this product includes larger ten frames that are used for the fun, fast-paced game!

So, everyone check it out! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Football & A New TpT Product!!!

Back to school tomorrow! I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing weekend! I sure did! I did a whole lot of nothing! Well, except for last night! I went to the Patriots game! And yes, if you are wondering, I am still so bummed we lost! If any of you are football fans like me, then you know the disappointing feeling when your home team loses! Such a bummer!!! Either way, my boyfriend and I still had soooo much fun. The loss didn’t make for the best ending, but I can’t complain. I spent the night off having fun with my favorite guy in the world! Here is picture of us!

While my team might have lost, I am still in football mode! I am working on a fun football time game that should be done tomorrow. Just in time for the SUPERBOWL! Woohoo!!! (Guess I will go for the 49’s now.) But, until then, I have spent some time putting together a new Valentine’s Day product that I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It came out really cute! This product is full of math and literacy fun for your little kiddos! Be sure to check it out HERE! :-)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Woohoo! It's the 100th Day of School....well almost! :-)

Hi everyone! New product time! It’s just about that time for the 100th day of school! Can you believe it?! More than halfway there already! I know you are all screaming out loud with excitement! I am looking forward to warmer days and days off too, but overall, I love subbing so I am in no rush just yet for the end of the year! Either way, I decided that since the 100th day is such a big celebration in early childhood classrooms, I better make a new product! (I really do think I like making these products wayyyyyy too much!) So, I made “Woohoo, It’s the 100th Day of School!” This product is aligned with the COMMON CORE standards and includes 5 games, a puzzle, and an original song! It is a great way to add some more fun to your 100th day of school! So, head over to my store and check it out! Thx!

Click HERE to grab your copy of this product!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Delivery - COMMON CORE ALIGNED

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Just about a month away already! Therefore, I decided what better way to spend my Saturday than to make a new TpT product! (Some may think I am crazy for wanting to do this on my day off, but I love it!) In my new product called "Valentine's Day Delivery", I made a cute file folder game and a couple worksheets. The game and worksheets are perfect for your little kindergarteners! In the game your students must fill their wheelbarrows with 10 valentines. Students take turns spinning the spinner and adding and subtracting valentines from their wheelbarrows. The winner is the first person to fill his/her wheelbarrow with 10 valentines. In one worksheet, students look at the number shown and draw that many valentines in the box. (Numbers 1-10) The other worksheet is a color by number activity, one for boys and one for girls!

Included in this packet is a colored game board, a game board without the background, and lastly, the black and white version. Playing pieces are colored or b & w, as well. This product is perfect for a math center or small group activity! The worksheets allow students to work independently, as well. It is aligned with the Common Core Standards for kindergarten. You can feel confident that your students are not only working towards the standard, but having fun as well! I mean, what kindergartener doesn’t love games, drawing and coloring?!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. My email is Thank you for stopping by!

Click HERE to grab your copy of the Valentine's Day Delivery product!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Got The Job!!!

I got the job! OMG! I am like a kid at Disney World right now! I think I have called everyone I know by now, so I had to go to the blogging world next to share the news with more of my friends! Woohoo! I could not be happier right now! I was literally shaking waiting to go in the room. Thank god they gave the questions beforehand. I tried my best to relax and be myself. By the end we were all laughing together over the pictures of me in my astronaut suit and pilgrim outfit I made. That helped me to actually breathe for the first time in the entire interview. Either way, despite my nerves, I left feeling confident and they called 10 minutes later! I guess my astronaut suit sealed the deal haha! But, anyways thanks everyone for the good vibes you sent my way! Now I can officially say I have a job because of my degree. This job as the after school intervention teacher will be great professional experience and I cannot wait to start! I can still substitute during the day (which I love love love), and be the after school intervention teacher too! 2013 is starting off right! I cannot wait to see what is in store for me the rest of this year! ;-)

Kayla Parker

Monday, January 7, 2013

Ahhh, My 1st Interview!

Oh my god! I am in freaking out, both with excitement and with fear! I was contacted today for an interview for a position to be an after school intervention teacher! It will be my first interview since I graduated! It is not for a classroom teacher position, but I feel just as honored to be asked for an interview for this position. Intervention teachers have a big responsibility! Yikes, nerve-wracking much?! Either way, I am really thrilled to be interviewed. Jobs are so limited here in Rhode Island so to even be interviewed is big! But, goodness gracious am I panicking! They told me the interview is tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow! So, please cross your fingers for me everyone! I guess what is meant to be will happen, but I am still hoping and praying! If anyone has any pointers for me I would appreciate it so very much! I will keep you all posted! Now, back to freshening up my portfolio! Talk to you soon! ;-)


Friday, January 4, 2013

Shooting for the stars in 2013! My OUTER SPACE unit is complete!!!

Hi everyone! First post of 2013! Where has the time gone?! I just realized my last post was December 8th! Time really does fly by! But, I guess I wasn't just lounging around for the past three weeks or so. I have been working really hard on putting my first thematic unit on TPT. I just finished and it feels oh so good!!! It is the best feeling to have a new resource on TPT. (I am sure everyone knows what I mean!) This is the prettier version of the unit I taught for my student teaching. My students LOVED my outer space unit I taught them. I went all out for it! I made an astronaut costume to show the students the parts of a space suit, I bought actual meteorites and let the students hold them, we set off rockets, and much more. Overall, it was a great experience! I think that is probably why I enjoyed making this resource so much. It brought back all the memories of student teaching. I sure miss those kiddos!!!

Anyways, as I said, my outer space unit is complete and it is a big one alright. It is a whopping 169 pages. Yup, that's right, 169 pages! It took me a long time, but it is one resource I am extremely proud of!!! Check it out!

Click HERE to grab your copy of this unit!

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