Thursday, June 27, 2013

What?! Wait! For a Penny?! Now That's A Steal Thursday!

Woohoo! It's Thursday! I am loving Thursdays now that THAT'S A STEAL THURSDAY is in full swing! We are already at week 3! I can't believe it! My bank account isn't too happy with me lately, but with all the amazing steals everyone has posted on Instagram and here on my blog, I can't help but to open my wallet! Thank goodness paydays are Fridays because I feel so much better about shopping knowing I will get paid the next day! Hehe!
Check out what I found this week!
Yes! A tissue box cover! While a plain, wooden tissue box cover might not seem that great, for a penny it sure does! Don't you agree?! I couldn't believe it when the cashier said it rang in for .01! Instantly and with no filter, I blurt out what all of you are probably thinking..."What?! Wait! Huh?! It costs more to make that! Holy crap!" The cashier must have thought I was totally nuts! Haha!
I can't wait to get this baby decorated for Monday Made It! It is just screaming Mod Podge and Washi tape! Aahhh! So excited! Who wouldn't love a cute, new tissue box cover for their plain tissue box?! Just picture how great it would look on your classroom desk! I am going to go back to Michael's tomorrow to buy the rest of their stock! I see a giveaway in the near future.....
Ok, on to the next steal of the week!
Washi tape is my new obsession! I have loved using it on, well, EVERYTHING! My washi tape obsession has made its way to my iphone charger. Isn't it sooo pretty?! I bought these patterns today at Michael's for 55% off! They are 40% off right now, plus the 15% teacher discount we get! So, for both washi tapes it was $2.49! Woohoo! Be sure to get yourself some new washi tape to personalize your own phone charger! ;-)
Ok, now it is your turn! Link up below with your blog post to share your latest steals! Also, use the hashtag #thatsastealthursday to share on Instagram. I am looking forward to seeing all of the teacher budget bargains!
Lastly, don't forget that Google reader is soon no more! Tear, tear! I know! No worries though because I am loving Bloglovin'; From what I have read all over my newsfeed, most of you are loving it too! Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin' before Google reader ends on July 1st! You can follow me by clicking on the widget on the right sidebar or on the link below!

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Thanks everyone for stopping by! Talk to you all soon! 

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Alex & Ani Giveaway Winners!!!

AND THE WINNERS ARE... Kheila Dunkerly from Two Friends In First (blog winner) & Britney from Tailor-made Teaching (Instagram winner)!!! Congrats to the both of you!
A HUGE thank you to everyone that entered! I am so glad that I used a random generator because I could never select a winner myself! You are all awesome for entering and I hope you all enter my next giveaway! I haven't figured that one out just yet, but one will be in the works soon enough! ;-)
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (or almost summer) and I will chat with you all soon! Don't forget to get your shopping in this week for That's a Steal Thursday coming up later this week! Can't wait to see all your amazing finds!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Today is the Day! That's a Steal Thursday LINKY!!! ;-)

THAT'S A STEAL THURSDAY! Woohoo! It is that time of the week again! I am really excited to share my latest teacher budget finds with you! Be sure to link up at the bottom to share your latest finds too! This linky sure does give me an excuse to go shopping! This week I was on the hunt for some new crafty things so I went hunting for my week's bargains at Michael's. Now, being a teacher, we already get 15% off, but combine that with the 40-50% off items, you really have yourself some deals!
So, check out what I found!
  1. Dry Erase Rolls - A what?! Yes, dry erase rolls! They are pretty much amazing-ness in a roll! They were originally $5, but I got them for 50% off! Whoop! Whoop! I can't wait to use them! It is like contact paper so all you have to do is roll them out and stick it to a surface. Viola, instant dry erase board! I have some great plans in the works for these! It is a secret though! I can't tell you yet! Soon though, I promise! ;-)
  2. Glitter Clothespins - God I love these! Ok, so you know the dollar bins they have at the checkout?! They get me every time! I swear I don't leave that store without grabbing something from one of those bins! Today, I am happy to say these won't just be thrown in a bin somewhere in my room with the promise I will use them someday! These glitter clothespins are for sure going to get used! The picture makes it hard to tell, but I got green, silver, black, blue, and pink ones! They were $1.50 a pack! (As much as I could have probably made them, for that price I would rather pass the glitter mess and headache and just buy them. So I did!)
  3. Wooden Letter P - This wooden letter was originally $7 and I got it on clearance for $2.50! Score! I can't wait to decorate it and use it as a classroom door display! Next Monday Made It project right there!
  4. Bubble Pen - Another dollar bin item! I got that fancy pen for $1.50! I just love bubble pens so anytime I find one I like, I buy it! Something about those pens...
  5. Glitter Tape Rolls - OMG! Best. Find. Ever! These glitter tape rolls are to die for! Originally the pack of 24 tape rolls was $14.99, but I got them for 40% off ($8.99 plus another 15% off for our teacher discount). What a steal! Considering these can cost anywhere between $2.50-$3.50 a roll separately, this was well-worth the purchase! If you see glitter tape on all of my next DIY projects, you now know why! Can you blame me?! It is so pretty, right?!
I am SO happy about my steals this week! My bank account is happy too! Usually, I can do so much more damage! I had a little self-control today! There's always next week though! Ha! Be sure to link up below with the blog post about your latest teacher budget finds! If you are also on Instagram, simply use the hashtag #thatsastealthursday to share your bargains! Looking forward to checking them out! Thank you for stopping by! ;-)


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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Wednesday Everyone! ;-)

Happy Wednesday! We are halfway through the week and that much closer to the weekend! Woohoo! If you are already on summer break then everyday is pretty much a weekend for you! Lucky you! We have until June 25th! I haven't had as many subbing dates in the past week simply because it's the end of the year time. With field days and end of the year events, teachers kind of have to be there I guess. I get that! Actually, having subbed less has given me the opportunity to get in some shifts at my summer job. I work as a waitress down at a fun restaurant in Newport, RI! Typical touristy kind of place and right on the water! There have been lots of celebrities that have come in too! Let me just tell you that when Sophia Vergara came in last summer I couldn't even concentrate, I was just too star struck! Perk number 1 of that summer job! Besides the celeb sightings, I guess perk number 2 would be having extra money to support my shopping habits! Haha! ;-)
Well, either way, enough rambling about myself. My real reason for my post tonight is because I wanted to share a new blog with you! So, long story short, I met Katrina through Instagram. It's funny and weird all at the same time, I know! But, with the new Instagram craze by teachers, you are bound to meet some new friends! Katrina just started an adorable new blog called Life is Great in Second Grade and it is well worth stopping by! Across the country and 3 hours behind me, Katrina teaches the little 2nd grade kiddos (if you didn't already figure that one out from her blog name). Too bad she lives so far, otherwise a summer blogger meet up would have definitely been in order. Someday though! ;-) Katrina also just started a new Teachers Pay Teachers store and by the looks of her products so far, you would never know she is brand new! I am really amazed! Be sure to check out her store too! She has some great back to school products already up!
Lastly, tomorrow is Thursday! You know what that means right?! THAT'S A STEAL THURSDAY LINKY! I am really looking forward to you all linking up with your latest teacher budget finds! I am always looking for a deal and thanks to all of you, I will be able to find those bargains! Also, don't forget to enter in the ALEX AND ANI APPLE BANGLE giveaway! It is only going on until Sunday and if you want a chance to be the winner, you better get those entries in now! ;-)
Thanks everyone for stopping by! Talk to you all tomorrow when I share my latest #thatsastealthursday item! Can't wait!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ALEX AND ANI APPLE BANGLE GIVEAWAY! Who Needs Some New Arm Candy?! ;-)

YES, you are reading it right! ALEX AND ANI APPLE BANGLE GIVEAWAY! I am giving away 2 of these bangles! 2!!!! One winner will be a blog follower and the other an Instagram follower! Feel free to enter here on my blog and on my Instagram!
Well, either way, I am so excited to announce this giveaway! Who doesn't love some new arm candy?! This "Apple of Abundance" Alex & Ani bracelet is perfect for us teachers. It represents insight, wisdom, and being a teacher! God, I just looovvveeee this bracelet and even though I am so happy to be giving it away, I want it for myself! Hehe!
Alex and Ani is an awesome company that started here in RI and is now world-wide! Yup, world-wide! There are store locations in the US, England, Canada, Egypt, Spain, and many more! Crazy right?!?! Either way, they are known for making oh so adorable bangles (like this one) from recycled materials! I have about 50 of them! (Sshh, don't tell my boyfriend!)
Well, I had to announce this giveaway via my blog to make sure all of my blobby friends had an opportunity to hear about it! You can enter on Instagram by following me @meetmissparker and liking the picture post! If you don't have an Instagram you better get started in the fun! I am warning you though that you will become obsessed! ALSO, you can enter below! Be sure to earn more entries for a better chance at winning! A random winner will be selected on Sunday, June 23rd so get those entries in now! I am crossing my fingers for you all!
Thanks SO much for stopping by! Happy Giveaway! ;-)
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(If you are already my follower, disregard the requirement of following my blog to enter! Just click to enter anyways! Thanks for being a loyal follower!)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

NEW LINKY EACH WEEK: "That's A Steal Thursday" HAS ARRIVED! Whoop! Whoop!

        THAT'S A STEAL THURSDAY! Yup, that's right! A new linky and it is SO much fun! I hope you are ready to open your wallets because with this new linky you will be able to find the best deals around! So here's the deal...
           As teachers on budgets, we are always looking for ways to save some money. So, why not share those bargains with each other?! Join me every Thursday on Instagram (username: meetmissparker) and here on my blog to share your latest teacher budget finds! Use the hashtag #thatsastealthursday on Instagram and/or simply repost the linky pic to your blog post and submit your link below. You can share anything from items for your classroom, to yard sale deals, to fashion finds, to your TpT/TN products that are on sale, down to that awesome discount you just got at the grocery store! I would LOVE to see it all! Remember, hashtag #thatsastealthursday or repost the pic to your blog post. I can’t wait to see all the bargains and add them to my shopping lists!
Take a peek at my #thatsastealthursday...

First stop....SAVERS!!! If you don't know about Savers, god you better start searching and pray one is in your area! It is a chain thrift store, aka....HEAVEN ON EARTH! The deals are insane! It takes all of my strength not to go there weekly! Self-control Kayla, self-control!

I got myself 25 books for $14!!! Yes, that's right, $14! Each book was .69 and it was buy 4 get 1 free! Also, a lot of the books look brand spankin' new! Thank you Savers!

After spending, well, close to nothing at Savers, I had to go over to Joann Fabrics to see what they had waiting for me! Let me just say the bright red and orange sale signs were SCREAMING at me! I could not resist the fabric they had! SO perfect for so many new craft ideas I have! I can't wait to get started!
Well, now that THAT'S A STEAL THURSDAY is in full swing, I hope that you join me and share your latest teacher budget finds! Not that I really need to spend more money, but who can pass up a bargain! I know I sure can't!
Thanks everyone for stopping by! Hope to see this linky on your blogs soon! ;-)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Who is Ready for Summer?! I Sure Am!!!!

Ok, I am probably so behind on this linky, but I decided this one was a must! I have so many plans and expectations for summer 2013 that I have to share! So, I am linking up with A Cupcake for the Teacher to share my summer bucket list. Here it goes....
1. JOB HUNT! - I am antsy and ready for my own classroom! While I can't complain, I have loved subbing and my after school intervention job was A-MAZING, I am ready to join you veterans! I have learned so much and being a part of the TpT and blogging community has got me itching for a full-time position. Rhode Island market is, well, close to zero when it comes to jobs though! I will take what comes at me and when it is meant to be it will happen. Until then, I will enjoy the extra free time to create on Tpt! That leads me to my next item on the list...
2. TPT CREATIONS - I am SOOO motivated to create right now! I am actually in the middle of working on my Fall version of my Spring Reading Comprehension Passages. If only I could work faster! That's my downfall! I take a while to create a product. I wish I was like some sellers out there who can bang out a product in a day. #somedayillbeasgreatasyou (if only blogger had working hashtags)
3. GET FIT - With the help of my lovely Instagrammers and fellow TpT-er's, we are all working together to help each other get fit! We are all on the app called MyFitnessPal! If you aren't on it yet and you need a little motivation then join us! You can add friends and chat with one another too. You can add me through my email Now, if only I could get away from my computer long enough to get a worthwhile workout in. Also, maybe if I could control myself and not indulge in things like this...

S'more Birthday Cake! Yup, the works right there! I had WAYY too much last night, but it was so delish! ;-)
4. MEET UP WITH MY TPT/BLOGGER FRIENDS - This one I cannot wait for! On July 10, some of us New England bloggers are getting together to "meet" for the first time. Everyone is coming to Newport, RI and I am so excited to show them around town! We will be getting lunch, doing a harbor cruise, enjoying an adult beverage on the water, making a pit stop to Cupcake Charlie's (obviously ignoring bucket list item 3 that day), and any other tourist-y Newport things. I hope I can be a good enough host! Cross your fingers for me! Also, if anyone else in the area wants to join us, we would LOVE for you to come! Just send me an email and I will fill you in! ;-)
5. HAVE FUN! - This one might seem obvious when you are a teacher with the summer off, however, I don't have the summer off. I work at a restaurant on the water in Newport! As much as the extra cash is nice, I definitely want to enjoy myself this summer. Everyone needs a little fun, right?! I want to work a little less and focus on that job hunt, plus spend quality time at the beach! Yup, sounds like a plan to me!
My idea of a perfect summer day! I took this picture right after that horrible tropical storm was over! I just LOVE the beach!
I can't wait for summer to be in full swing! So much to do, with so little time!
Next on the agenda is an awesome giveaway! Ash over at The Polished Teacher is having her 500 follower giveaway! She has some awesome prizes to get you to the end of the year or stocked up for next year! Be sure to check out the blog post HERE!
Now maybe I can get ahead on that summer bucket list and get over to the gym! ;-) Talk to you all soon! Thanks for stopping by!
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