Saturday, February 2, 2013


Alright, here we go! SUPER SALE! I am really excited to be participating in this weekend sale. I just figured out how to actually throw a sale on TpT. You are probably thinking I am completely clueless considering the "Throw A Sale" link is right on TpT's main page. (Yes, I figured that one out finally after 15 minutes of page hunting and forum searching.) Either way, I have figured it out now and the sale has started! Everything in my store is discounted by 15% for all of today and tomorrow. That brings some of my items to as low as $1.49! A bargain if I do say so myself! Also, if you haven't had your 100th day of school yet, check out my 100th day product. It includes 5 games, a puzzle, and an original song all for $2.55! Yes, only $2.55! I can't wait to see what bargains I find out there this weekend too! I am ready to take that wishlist of mine to the checkout! Well everyone, thank you for stopping by! Happy shopping!!!



  1. <3 the Super Sale visual you made. How did you do that!?

  2. Hi Mrs. Harris! Thank you for stopping by! Do you have an email address? I can fill you in on the Super Sale visual! Glad you like it! ;-)


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