Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reading Comprehension Time! COMMON CORE of course ;-)

I know! I know! I have been M.I.A. for the past week. But, I haven’t forgotten any of you. I have been working on my newest product. This one was hard work. A LOT of hard work! But that is fine because now it is all done. Finally! Spring is Here - Original Stories for Reading Comprehension Practice COMMON CORE ALIGNED. As much as this product was time consuming, I am proud of this one. I have been focusing solely on holiday products that I almost lost sight of one of the most important things we teach our students. READING! Ahh the holidays and celebrations suck you right in don't they!?! Now, it feels great to have a TpT product that is useable for my buyers for more than just the length of a holiday or celebration. So, be sure to check it out.

Anyways, now as much as I was working really hard on that product, I have been doing other things with my time. Things like relaxing, sleeping in late, taking my time drinking my morning coffee, and oh yea, staying up late catching up on my DVR. Yup, I am on school vacation. Who would think a 23 year old could get so tired. Oh, but I do! After this lazy week though so far, I feel well rested!

Well, now that I have spent ALL of my morning blogging and pinning, I guess I need to do something more productive like.....going to get my nails done. ;-) Haha! Thanks everyone for stopping by!!! Check back soon for a St. Patrick’s Day freebie similar to my Christmas and Valentine’s Day edition freebies!

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