Monday, May 6, 2013

SALE! SALE! SALE! Woohoo! Teacher Appreciation Time!!! Who's Ready?!

Thank you to Graphics From the Pond
          Yay!!! Teacher Appreciation Sale starts tomorrow! I am so excited about the site-wide sale! I have been looking through my wishlist and counting down the hours (yes, hours) until the sale starts! This sale is very important to all of us teachers because it is recognizing all our hard work! To show just how much I appreciate all of you, I am participating in the sale and ALL of my items in my store are 20% off! TpT will also be giving a discount using the code TAD13. Be sure to enter the code for a total discount of 28% off my store!
          Also, I wanted to fill you in on my Instagram adventures so far. I am pretty much obsessed! All day my friends were telling me I was talking in hashtag and not using complete sentences haha! I can’t help it! Instagram has taken over me! I am constantly thinking about different ideas and lessons and just random day to day adventures that I want to share with everyone. It is so fun to see other ideas from the teachers that I follow too! You can follow me @ meetmissparker. I would love to follow you back also! I swear without social media and TpT where would we all be?
           Well, now that I have rambled on enough, I am off to add more items to my TpT wishlist and get ready for tomorrow. It is going to be so hard to concentrate tomorrow in school because I am going to be so tempted to check my phone for cha-chings! I swear I am going to be having TpT dreams tonight! #Imightneedanintervention


Thanks everyone for stopping by! Happy sales! ;-)


  1. Kayla, I blogged about your animal nonfiction passages- they're on my wishlist! I can't WAIT to start using them.

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  2. Maria, thank you soooo much! That was so nice of you! I can't thank you enough! Wishing you lots and lots of sales today! :-)


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