Sunday, May 12, 2013

100 Follower Insta-Giveaway & Happy Mother's Day!!!

          Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mommas out there! If you are anything like my mom, you are an amazing mother who deserves nothing but the best on your special day! I hope you are all being spoiled! I spoiled my mom with some gift cards and a little trip to the nail salon! She loved the gifts! As for the Mother’s Day plans, I think the typical going out to eat is in order. Fine with me though because I can’t cook to save my life! (I have mastered pasta though). Either way, I am looking forward to a nice meal out! Between blogging, instagraming, Teachers Pay Teachers and just day to day craziness, I haven’t done much of “meals” lately. I can’t wait to just spend the quality time with my mom and family! I hope all of you are enjoying your Mother’s Day just the same!
Here is a picture of my sister and me with our beautiful mom!


          In other news, I have reached 100 followers on Instagram! Woohoo! In celebration of my 100 followers, I am having an Instagram exclusive giveaway! Follow me @meetmissparker to enter! I am looking forward to seeing how this goes! The lucky winner will get to pick a product of their choice from my TpT store! Crossing my fingers for you all!

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