Wednesday, May 15, 2013

20% OFF END OF THE YEAR SALE, Bargain Shopping & Teacher Budget Creations!

          Time is ticking and the countdowns have begun! Most of you have less than two weeks left! Good for you!! Up north we are in school until June 25th! I am already thinking about next year, job applications, resumes, School Spring, and Teachers Pay Teachers! I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a full-time job for the fall! Rhode Island is just such a tight market! I can’t complain though, I graduated college last May and haven’t been looking too long compared to most subs here. Many will sub for 3 and 4 years before getting a full-time job! I just tell myself when it is meant to be it will happen.
          So, in my little bit (yes, little) of down time, I have been bargain shopping (you all know I am great at that!) and getting creative! I might have been watching a little too much of HGTV’s Design on a Dime and Flea Market Flip (guilty). Either way, I have found the best bargains lately and I would love to share them with you!

          I finally got off the island the other day and did some shopping! While my intention was to get new spring clothes, I couldn’t resist stopping by Savers. OH MY GOSH, I love Savers! Basically, Savers is a chain store that takes donations of all kinds from local people and resells them. When I go in I go for the children’s books! They have like new and slightly used books for .69 cents! Yes, so darn cheap! Not only that, but for every 4 books you buy the 5th is free! Take a look at the books I rummaged through and found!


I got 30 books for $17.72! Can you say a steal?!

          Also, I love the Dollar Tree! I mean, who doesn’t?! I pretty much go in weekly to hunt around. This time I came across foam dice at 2 for $1! Bye bye loud dice, hello foam dice! I bought 18 of them because I couldn’t resist. All of these shopping deals has my spare bedroom filling up with random teaching stuff! Hey, well at least I can say I will be somewhat ready for when my full-time job comes around!


I am so happy I found these foam dice!

          When I went Dollar Tree hunting I also came across some clipboards. Yes, ugly, boring, brown clipboards. Well, the teacher in me inspired me to doll them up! So a trip to Michael’s and about 30 minutes later, I had a new clipboard that is just perfect for me! I LOVE it! I think clipboard making is my new obsession! Check it out!

 I LOVE how the clipboard came out!

          Well, last but not least, I wanted to let everyone know about my END OF THE YEAR SALE!!! Everything in my store is 20% off from now through Saturday! If you need anything to get you through the end of your year or something you might need for next year, be sure to swing by my TpT store! Thanks everyone for stopping by!


  1. Following you here and using bloglovin'.
    Love your cute blog :)
    My Second Sense

    1. Tania, thank you! I just started following your blog, as well! I just signed up for Bloglovin' so thanks for telling me about it! Now I just have to figure it out haah!

  2. I saw those UGLY brown clipboards today...I had one in my hand and it put it down. I am going back to get it! Thanks for the inspiration! I am also your newest follower! Good luck with the job search!

    Two Friends in First

    1. Kheila, thank you! I will be sure to stop by your blog right after this post! As for the clipboards, I am obsessed with making them now! I will be posting a picture of my newest one later today! Let me know how yours turn out! ;-)

  3. Kayla- I'll have to get off my island and find a Savers!! I love books! Deirdre

    1. Yes, Deirdre you have to! You will be so glad you did! Between Savers and yard sales I have been able to get some great books for cheap! Lovin' it!

  4. Hi Kayla!
    Well I just had to come follow your blog after seeing your fun Instagram pics- looking forward to coming back and checking out your other posts! about great deals--there is a Savers right nearby my house- I haven't been in there yet, but I'm thinking I'll be stopping there this summer in hopes of finding some good new read alouds for my little friends!

    Learning to the Core

    1. Aylin, I am so glad you stopped by my blog! Check out Savers! I was so shocked about the books I found! I had to stop myself from buying everything!


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