Saturday, May 4, 2013

Instagram....Here I Come!

Just when I thought I was all caught up with social media.....NO, WRONG! Instagram here I come! I just registered for my new account and I am really excited! I only have 8 photos and 6 followers, but hey it is a start! So far, I am LOVING instagram! It is so fun to share pics with other teachers and look at their ideas too! I especially like instagram because of the ease and convenience of it all! I find that it is so hard sometimes to find the time to sit and write a blog post, so instagram is pretty much my new best friend!

My username is meetmissparker.

 I look forward to sharing pics with all of you! I will be sharing teaching ideas, activities, new products, exclusive giveaways for instagram only, and random pictures that I just feel like sharing! Please leave your username if you instagram! I would love to follow you too! ;-)

I am sorry for the short post, but I am out to enjoy this Saturday sun! Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!




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