Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Wednesday Everyone! ;-)

Happy Wednesday! We are halfway through the week and that much closer to the weekend! Woohoo! If you are already on summer break then everyday is pretty much a weekend for you! Lucky you! We have until June 25th! I haven't had as many subbing dates in the past week simply because it's the end of the year time. With field days and end of the year events, teachers kind of have to be there I guess. I get that! Actually, having subbed less has given me the opportunity to get in some shifts at my summer job. I work as a waitress down at a fun restaurant in Newport, RI! Typical touristy kind of place and right on the water! There have been lots of celebrities that have come in too! Let me just tell you that when Sophia Vergara came in last summer I couldn't even concentrate, I was just too star struck! Perk number 1 of that summer job! Besides the celeb sightings, I guess perk number 2 would be having extra money to support my shopping habits! Haha! ;-)
Well, either way, enough rambling about myself. My real reason for my post tonight is because I wanted to share a new blog with you! So, long story short, I met Katrina through Instagram. It's funny and weird all at the same time, I know! But, with the new Instagram craze by teachers, you are bound to meet some new friends! Katrina just started an adorable new blog called Life is Great in Second Grade and it is well worth stopping by! Across the country and 3 hours behind me, Katrina teaches the little 2nd grade kiddos (if you didn't already figure that one out from her blog name). Too bad she lives so far, otherwise a summer blogger meet up would have definitely been in order. Someday though! ;-) Katrina also just started a new Teachers Pay Teachers store and by the looks of her products so far, you would never know she is brand new! I am really amazed! Be sure to check out her store too! She has some great back to school products already up!
Lastly, tomorrow is Thursday! You know what that means right?! THAT'S A STEAL THURSDAY LINKY! I am really looking forward to you all linking up with your latest teacher budget finds! I am always looking for a deal and thanks to all of you, I will be able to find those bargains! Also, don't forget to enter in the ALEX AND ANI APPLE BANGLE giveaway! It is only going on until Sunday and if you want a chance to be the winner, you better get those entries in now! ;-)
Thanks everyone for stopping by! Talk to you all tomorrow when I share my latest #thatsastealthursday item! Can't wait!

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  1. I just followed her blog. It's funny how many teacher and blogs I find on Instagram!

    Live Love Laugh and Teach!

  2. Hi Stacy! So glad you stopped by! It is so funny how many teachers and blogs you end up finding! ;-)


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