Monday, October 22, 2012

Miss Nelson Is Missing Draw Talk!

During reading block, I told the story of “Miss Nelson Is Missing” by Harry Allard through a draw talk storytelling experience. Draw talk is a form of storytelling that involves drawing 5 or 6 major events on a large pad of paper beforehand, and then while telling the story you draw in smaller elements of the story to bring in details. I learned all about this method in an awesome college course I took my senior year.
The children were so engaged while they listened to me tell this story through draw talk. They loved seeing my illustrations and were eager to see what details I added to each picture. For a few weeks afterwards, they were asking me to tell all stories that way! I highly recommend this method of storytelling for your students.
Here is the picture I drew of the opening scene of the book. Boy, did this picture take FOREVER to draw! Thank goodness I only had to draw in spit balls and paper planes while I told the story!
Here are a few pictures of the illustrations that I drew based on the book. The pictures are now laminated so I apologize for the quality of these images.

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