Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Some Winter Reading Fun! New for the Books Teachers Love Series

Hey everyone! Thanks to Steph at Mrs. D's Corner I am actually blogging! Even though it's solely been for the Books Teachers Love series, I am still here blogging! Giving myself a little pat on the back for this! Blogging is the one thing I don't make enough time for, especially this time of year! Between the Christmas shopping, the holiday events with family and friends, the this, the that, it's just been a blur of a month! To think Christmas is really just around the corner is crazy to me!

As an intervention teacher, finding the time for read alouds isn't always easy! But, there is a time and a place! There are just a few books that I always find appropriate to squeeze into my 35 minute blocks. Usually, I follow up with a writing piece, or an activity to further support the students' needs.

One book that I have recently discovered is Dear Yeti by James Kwan. This is this author's debut book and it's simply adorable! It tells the story of two hikers on the hunt for a Yeti. With the help from a little bird, the hikers send letters to the Yeti in hopes that he will come out of hiding!

With a little convincing, the Yeti finally comes out and saves the day when the hikers are confronted by a big, hungry grizzly bear! After this rescue, a friendship is born! The book ends with the Yeti getting the hikers safely home and a note in return saying, "Dear Hikers, See you soon! Yeti!" This leaves open the door for a potential sequel to the book! (Crossing my fingers!)
It's a FUN and adventurous book that both my boys and girls simply love! It really sparks their imagination and even provides opportunities to introduce new vocabulary! One of those words being morale. Which I know, woah, big word for the little ones, but they feel fancy saying it afterwards. 

So, now, as an intervention teacher like I said, I want to ensure my short time is used wisely. As any teacher knows, time is precious and we don't have much of it! Therefore, what I like to do is add a bit of creativity to a writing piece for my kiddos! When the students are engaged, they write! When the students are engaged, they enjoy their learning! This we know! So, how do I engage the little ones in a follow-up writing activity? With the Dear Yeti Hiker Application! Check out this FREEBIE below!

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